Treating Dry Rot in Properties throughout Leicestershire

Prevent dry rot from causing long-term structural damage to your property by taking advantage of the effective treatments we provide at the most competitive prices. Proficiently carrying out all damp and dry rot treatments, contact our team in Leicester, Leicestershire, today to discuss our services.

Signs of Dry Rot

Typical indications of dry rot include:

Signs of Dry Rot Signs of Dry Rot

  • A silky grey to mushroom coloured skin frequently tinged with patches of lilac and yellow which often develop under less humid conditions. You can peel this 'skin' like a mushroom.

  • White, fluffy 'cotton wool' mycelium develops under humid conditions. 'Teardrops' may develop on the growth.

  • Strands develop in the mycelium; these are brittle when dry and crack when bent.

  • Fruiting bodies are a soft, fleshy pancake or bracket with an orange-ochre surface. The surface has wide pores.

  • Rust red coloured spore dust frequently is seen around fruiting bodies.

  • Active decay produces a musty, damp odour.

Timber can become damp for a number of reasons. Among the most common causes are leaking washing machines, shower trays, baths, condensation etc. The dampness can also come from outside the building, for example, leaking roofs, rising dampness, or dampness penetrating through walls. Whatever the source of the dampness, if it is rectified and the timber is allowed to properly dry out, the dry rot will eventually be controlled.

Dry rot can cause widespread structural damage. If you suspect dry rot in your property, contact us for a free survey and we will identify the problem and effectively treat it.

Whether the problem is rising damp, penetrating damp, rain penetration, defective drains, damage caused by leaking plumbing, condensation, or actual flooding, we have the solution. Injecta Dampcourse has been established since 1968, and we have a reputation for being the most thorough and professional Leicester damp course company.

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