Using Damp-Proof Course for Properties in Leicestershire

Here at Injecta Damp Course Co, we have a qualified team of damp specialists who offer damp proofing solutions across Leicester. Damp can cause a variety of issues, not only structural problems to your property but also poses risks to your health. therefore if you are experiencing damp in your home, it is essential to find a treatment as soon as possible.


Damp-Proof Course (DPC)

A Damp-Proof Course works as a barrier that is inserted into the fabric of a building to prevent any water passing from one place to another in the building. This can be on a horizontal plane to stop water from rising up from the ground by being sucked up by the dry mason above, or vertically to prevent water passing from the outside of a building through the masonry of the building itself.

Damp is one of the most frequent problems encountered in the home. Moreover, there are three major causes of damp, (rising damp, penetrating damp, and condensation) each of which require a different remedy. Whatever the cause, damp can be bad for health, and therefore, it is important that you get advice if you think your property and walls are affected. Keep yourself and your family safe - Allow Injecta Damp Course Co to tackle the problem.

We’re a company that understands the importance of living in a home that is both safe and comfortable, which is why our team of experts are committed to going above and beyond for our customers to ensure that the problem is rectified. To find out how we have transformed previous customers’ houses, then take a look at our gallery page. Alternatively, why not visit our testimonials page, which provides you with an authentic insight into how our company operates? We’re more than happy to help our customers with any query that they may have, so get in touch today!

Types of Damp

The types of damp we treat include:

Types of Damp

  • Condensation

  • Rising Damp

  • Penetrating Damp

Damp-Proofing  Work

Our damp-proofing work includes:

Damp-Proofing Work

  • Damp Proofing

  • Re-Plastering

Damp Walls

If your property has damp walls, don't delay in seeking professional assistance. Injecta Damp Course Co specialises in rising damp treatment in Leicester, offering effective
solutions to combat the persistent issue of damp walls. Our adept team is well-versed in addressing the challenges posed by damp walls, and we’re we're committed to resolving the issue of rising damp and revitalising your walls.

Free Consultations and Quotes

Take advantage of the free consultations, advice, and quotes we provide with our damp-proofing solutions. After visiting your property and conducting a comprehensive survey, we provide a free quote. If you are happy to go ahead, will book the job in and start work as soon as possible. . It’s not just damp that we can work with, but we also tackle a wide range of other issues that can happen in your property too. From condensation, woodworm treatments and dry and wet rot, Injecta Dampcourse Co have got you covered. 

Here at Injecta Damp Course Co, we take great pride in the customer service we provide and know exactly what risks having damp in your property has on your health. Our friendly and competent team will make sure the process is as seamless and time efficient as possible. This is why we have a rapid response time to provide our treatment on your property and do all we can to get to you ASAP.

Get in touch with the damp specialists at Injecta Damp Course Co today, to find out more about the range of damp treatments we provide, or for a non-obligatory quote on our competitive prices, contact us today on 0116 266 2701.