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Rising Damp Specialists Leicester

As an annoying and inconvenient issue, damp can affect numerous properties. Once identified, it's best to act on it quickly and professionally in order to amend the issue before it develops into a potentially costly situation. Here at Injecta, we have both the skills and equipment to make sure that any traces of damp and its effects are swiftly eliminated, so that it no longer poses a cause for concern for your home or building. Using specialist rising damp Leicester treatments, we can amend the issue for good, taking measures to ensure that its effects won't return, keeping your property safe and dry for the future.

If you're worried about damp at your property, it's best to consult the advice of experts to correctly diagnose the issue, in order to take the most suitable line of action. There are various types of damp which can occur at your property, such as dry rot, fungal decay and woodworm, which such specialists will be able to recognise. All are unpleasant, and can be bad for your health, which is why any signs of such damp should be immediately inspected by professionals. We will look at each case on an individual basis, so that the most effective treatment can be devised.

If damp has occurred at your property, it is essential to prevent any rising damp in the future. For this purpose, we carry out damp course treatment, which consists of a physical barrier being inserted into the fabric of the building, to inhibit any water passing through. This can be implemented both horizontally and vertically for effective all round damp proofing.

If faced with rising damp Leicester, be sure to call in the professionals, not only to fix the problem, but also to take thorough steps to ensure no further damp arises in the future.