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How to Identify and Treat Dry Rot

Posted on by Injecta

Like any infestation if it’s not dealt with quickly, it can spread and worsen until it has destroyed and overrun the area. Dry rot is no exception. Often caused by damp this fungus can spread rapidly and will need to be quickly treated. The main problem many people face is not being able to identify dry rot when they see it.

How to Spot Dry Rot:

• The easiest way to spot dry rot is by looking at the wood. It often shrinks causing cracks in the wood in a ‘cuboidal’ style, darkening as it goes.

• There is often a musty damp smell with a distinctive mushroom odour.

• A light grey ‘skin’ occurs on the surface, often with patches of lilac and yellow.

• In humid settings mycelium can develop, which looks white and fluffy. Teardrops can also form on the surface of the wood and in any crevices.

• A soft, fleshy fruiting body can form around the area; it is usually orange in colour and produces red spore dust which it deposits around the area.

Dry rot is produced in areas which are dark, damp and humid and spaces that are not well ventilated. The source of moisture in the area must first be dealt with, this can be caused by anything from leaky plumbing, condensation, leaky roofs or dampness penetrating through the walls. The existing dry rot problem must also be treated by professionals as the fungus can live in non-timber materials such as brickwork and plaster.

We here at Injecta are specialists in treating and preventing dry rot and other damp related problems. We are able to identify the problem quickly, treat the infected area and install damp proofing to ensure the area is kept damp free. With over 40 years’ experience in the industry you can be sure that we have the skills and experience to handle any job, no matter the size. Catering for residential, commercial and industrial properties, we provide an excellent service from start to finish. For more information on our damp proofing services, including dry rot in Hinckley, contact Injecta today via our online form.

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