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Can Damp in the Home Cause Health Problems?

Posted on by Injecta

Encountering an area of damp is a problem no homeowner likes to come across as the consequences in some instances can be severe. Whilst the affected area will almost certainly impact on appearance, there is a far more important issue that arises from damp in the home that many aren’t quite so aware of; the health implications. If left without any action, damp can have a significant impact on the health of all those in the vicinity so it is essential that the problem is resolved at the earliest possible opportunity.

Here at Injecta, we wanted to make you aware of some of the health related implications of allowing damp to fester in your home, steadily become a more serious issue as time without action passes by.

Health Problems from Mould

An area of damp will quickly turn to mould, which is when the health related problems will start to arise. Some of the most common problems as a consequence of mould include;

•    Increased risk of developing asthma, particularly in children

•    Potential asthma attacks for those who already suffer

•    Eye irritation which can quickly lead to inflammation

•    Coughs and wheezes

•    Development of respiratory problems should the mould spores find their way into the lungs

•    Severe reactions including shortness of breath and fever symptoms

These health risks are backed up by evidence from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) which in 2004 found that indoor exposure to mould could be linked to upper respiratory tract symptoms in otherwise healthy people and increased asthma symptoms for asthma sufferers. Further studies showed that there is a potential link between early mould exposure and the development of asthma in young children.

With these health risks in mind, it is imperative that you resolve any issue of damp or mould as quickly as possible, which is where our services come to the fore. At Injecta, we are well versed in implementing damp course treatment and have a team of damp proofers ready and waiting to work on your property. Get in touch today by calling the number local to you at the top of the page and ensure the health risks related to damp are eliminated.

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