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A Short History of Injecta

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Mr A.R.Folland (Arthur Roy) who was the founder of Injecta Dampcourse Co came to Leicester from Liverpool in 1947. In partnership with his brother-in-law, and later with another brother from Liverpool, they set up Folland Bros, a jobbing builders company. They occupied premises in Lancaster Street, Leicester.

This lasted until about 1954 when they split up and A.R.Folland & Co Ltd was formed, still in the yard in Lancaster Street and carrying out general property repairs for estate agents, landlords and the general public. In about 1959/60 he moved into premises in Overton Road and ran a D.I.Y. shop together with the building side of the business which operated from Quenby Street.

A visit to a Building Exhibition a few years later sparked interest in a injected chemical damproof course, at that time a new damproof course usually involved either cutting out a course of brickwork, a few bricks at a time and replacing them with blue bricks or cutting out the bed joint with a carbide tipped hand saw and fitting felt or slate into the open joint 12”-18” at a time.

Mr Roy Folland and Jr

In 1968 The Injecta Dampcourse Co was formed and ran alongside the building side of the main business. Now in premises at 43 Melrose Street Leicester having moved in 1963. Mr Ray Folland, the son of Mr A.R.Folland joined his father who had become ill and helped run A.R Folland & Co Ltd incorporating Injecta Dampcourse Co. The activity of the building side of the business became less and the damp-proofing and timber treatment side increased considerably.

Council improvement grants became widely available so that people could attend to the many older terraced properties in Leicester and other damp-proofing companies soon sprang up. It wasn’t long before Injecta Dampcourse Co was employed to do damproofing and also put right the poor work carried out by these other companies.

‘Grant’ work didn’t last forever and with the smaller companies disappearing Injecta continued and Mr A.R.Folland retired in 1986, Mr Raymond Folland continued as Managing Director and retired in 2011. The company was sold to the previous employees who are now at the helm as directors and Mr Nick Arnold as managing director.

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