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Damp Proofing Company Leicester

Damp can be both an annoying and ultimately dangerous issue. If not recognised, it can cause health problems for those in the building, and may make the property itself structurally unsound. It is therefore of utmost importance that any signs of damp be acted upon promptly and professionally. Here at Injecta, we have over 40 years of damp proofing Leicester experience, to make sure any signs of damp are rectified and properties remain protected for the future. With a 30 year assured guarantee also available, you can have confidence in knowing your property will remain secure from damp for years to come.

There are three main causes of damp; rising damp, penetration damp and condensation. To take the correct course of action, we must first establish this cause, so that we can swiftly and effectively rid the building of any types of damp before they lead to any further unfortunate consequences. Some types of damp include dry rot, rising damp and woodworm, all of which we can amend and rectify with our damp treatment.

In order to prevent rising damp, we use damp proof Leicester course treatment. This is a process whereby a barrier is inserted into the fabric of your building. This prevents water from passing through, and therefore everything above it remains dry and free from damp and it's unpleasant implications.

Good damp proofing is a direct result of highly trained and skilled damp proofing technicians. All of our technicians and operatives are fully trained to a high standard, ensuring that the service you receive will be nothing short of the best.

Offering damp proofing Leicester services for domestic, commercial and industrial properties, we can bring the skills and expertise required to provide top quality treatment to your building. For a free estimate, contact us via our website, or call one of our friendly team for more information.