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Damp Proofing A Cellar Leicester

Many terraced properties look relatively small from the outside, but in fact many of these buildings actually disguise large rooms with high ceilings, and additional space that simply isn’t found in new-build properties, such as cellars and basements. As specialists in damp proofing Leicester, we at Injecta understand just how valuable this extra space can be. However, we recommend that all homeowners ensure that these areas are properly damp proofed, to prevent renovations from turning into expensive problems.

A basement or a cellar that has sat unused for years can often be transformed into an additional bedroom, play room, gym, living space or even a self-contained flat. Unfortunately, due to their position within the home, these areas often suffer from damp issues that must be addressed before any decorating takes place.

With over 40 years experience in the damp proofing industry, we offer a number of services to homeowners in Leicester, Loughborough and the surrounding areas. There are three different varieties of damp – rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation – each requires a different treatment, which means that it is essential for homeowners to find a specialist that is an expert in identification.

One of the most common treatments that our technicians apply to prevent the development of damp within a cellar, is a damp proof membrane. This essentially stops water from penetrating, by creating a physical barrier on the wall and floor. In addition to damp proof membranes, we also provide remedies for dry rot and woodworm, and we can re-plaster any areas that have previously been affected by damp.

Arranging for a member of our damp proofing Leicester team to complete a survey within your home is really simple, just fill out the enquiry form on our website or call one of the local telephone numbers that can be found at the top of the website. Whatever the issue, we are certain that our qualified technicians will be able to help.