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Reclaim Your Cellar With Damp Proofing Hinckley


Do you have a cellar that you no longer use? Is it because it’s damp and cold? If so, the team at Injecta can solve your damp problem and restore your cellar back to a usable area. Many home owners have opted for extensions or cellar conversions in an attempt to increase the amount of space in their homes. However if appropriate damp proofing techniques are not undertaken, then your cellar will become a victim of damp. To reinstate the usability of your cellar you will need a company who specialise in cellar damp proofing Hinckley. Luckily for you, we are such a company.

Damp can have serious effects on your health never mind ruining the general interior decoration of your cellar. If you have damp problems then call in one our professional to inspect the damage caused and help you make an informed decision on the best route of action to take.

You may find that all you need is damp proofing. We offer two types of damp proofing. Damp proofing provides a physical barrier against the intrusion of moisture being soaked up by the masonry layer.

However, as an expert damp proofing company we understand that certain degrees of damp contamination demand other, more serious measures, in order to remove the whole contamination and avoid the reoccurrence of damp.

As experts, if we suspect that you have hygroscopic salts in your plaster work, we know that only re-plastering your walls will solve the problem completely. Due to the nature of hygroscopic salts absorbing water, damp proofing only will not solve your problem, as the hygroscopic salts in your wall will seek to absorb moisture, rather than repelling it.

If you have a damp problem, don’t let it accelerate any longer. It is time to reclaim your cellar and eradicate damp with effective cellar damp proofing Hinckley. The team at Injecta can offer a professional and reliable service which will find and instigate the ideal solution. Please call us today on 0116 266 2701 or visit our website.