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Looking For Signs of Woodworm Leicester

Woodworm — we have all heard of the villainous pest, yet many of us have an ill formed image of the accused perpetrator. Woodworm is in some ways an accurate term, yet in others it is often misleading. A woodworm is actually a wood boring beetle which spends the majority of its life as larvae. It is during its life as larvae that the woodworm burrows into the wood and causes untold damage. At Injecta we know from experience that woodworm Leicester can be disastrous for your home, as it could weaken the overall structural integrity of your property.

Spotting the signs of woodworm doesn’t need a builder Coventry as we have devised a guide outlining the top tips to spotting the tell-tale signs. Identifying woodworm early is essential and the earlier you spot it, the less damage will be caused.

Tip One: Check For Holes

You should check for holes in anything which is wooden. The roof joists and floorboards are often a good place to start.

Holes are a clear sign that you have or have had a woodworm infestation. These holes are caused by the beetle burrowing an exit hole out of the wood, and are usually an indication of an infestation problem which has been there for some time.

Tip Two: Check for Frass

Frass is a lightly coloured dust and is actually a mixture of wood dust (caused by the woodworm burrowing through the wood) and the woodworms' waste. Unlike the holes, frass is a clear indication that you have a current infestation.

Tip Three: Call In A Professional

If you have spotted any of these signs, then you need to contact one of the professionals at Injecta. We can come and inspect your property to determine if and to what extend the woodworm has damaged your property.

If you think that you have woodworm Leicester, then contact Injecta today. We offer a professional service that uses expert technology to determine if you have a woodworm infestation or not. Contact us on 0116 266 2701 and begin enjoying an infestation-free home.

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