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Can Rising Damp Cause Health Problems?

Posted on by Injecta

Typically a problem found in period properties, damp can have a serious effect on the structural integrity of a building; but whilst many homeowners are concerned with the physical effects of damp on the house, they often overlook the effects that damp can have on their own health. Specialising in rising damp Leicester, we here at Injecta have first-hand experience with damp and subsequently we have decided to answer this frequently asked question.

Aside from affecting the external and internal structure of a domestic or commercial property Leicester, damp can also affect the health of those residing in a damp-ridden house. Some of the common health effects which are experienced centre on the respiratory system, causing allergies and cold-like symptoms. This is primarily caused by the fungi which grow and the spores which are then released into the atmosphere and subsequently breathed in by the occupant of the building.

Properties, both new and old, can become affected by damp, and when they do its vital that you contact a professional to tackle the problem quickly and effectively. As a professional damp proofer, we at Injecta firmly believe that we have the necessary skills, expertise and experience to resolve any damp proofing problems which you may be experiencing.

If your home is being infiltrated by damp, then you need to make it a priority to contact a specialist in rising damp Leicester. As a specialist ourselves, we can diagnose the level of damp present in your home and identify an effective way to remove the damp and stop it from occurring in the future.

Everyone who works at Injecta is thoroughly trained with years of experience, giving them the confidence to be able to identify rising damp Leicester quickly. If you would like further information regarding our damp proofing services, be sure to call us directly on 0116 266 2701.

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