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Increase Property Value with Cellar Damp Proofing

There’s no denying that in recent months, the average house price throughout the UK has fallen; recent statistics from one mortgage lender suggested that the value of properties has fallen by 0.6%, whilst the number of first time buyers has also plummeted by 42% for year-on-year figures. But one way to help improve the cost of your property within Melton Mowbray and sell it for more than the average £184,500 – the current asking price for a 3-bedroom house – is to improve it via cellar damp proofing Melton Mowbray.

A common problem with many older properties is that due to the building methods and regulations previously used, they become susceptible to damp issues, which can not only have a detrimental effect on the structure of the property but also its value when it comes to selling.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a cellar or basement but unfortunate enough that it’s suffering from a damp related issue, then we can help. For over the last forty-years, here at Injecta as a professional and reliable damp proofing company we’ve been providing properties from commercial to domestic within the Melton Mowbray and surrounding areas with a range of damp course treatments to ensure they can make full use of their cellars and basements.

Our experienced technicians are able to combat issues involving dry rot, woodworm, wet rot, damp and condensation, using a damp proof course which is inserted into the building to prevent water from spreading from one area to another.

Through an effective damp proof course, we can help your property increase in both size and value, making it a more sought after proposition for those who are looking to take a step up the property ladder.

Whatever the damp issue you currently have, through the effective damp proofing Melton Mowbray services we here at Injecta provide; we can ensure that within no time at all – and for an affordable price – you’ll be able to get your cellar back to its former glory, whilst significantly increasing the value of your property.