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How to Detect Dry Rot Melton Mowbray

When looking to move home, not all homeowners will opt for the brand new-build. Instead, many prefer a property which boasts character and oozes sophistication, such as the beautiful Georgian and Victorian buildings which can be found throughout many towns. Unfortunately, such buildings, despite having exquisite wooden features, such as wooden ceiling beams, large oak door and beautiful wooden window frames, can suffer from structural damage including dry rot. Here at Injecta, our experienced team can help you combat dry rot Melton Mowbray.

What is Dry Rot?

In the simplest terms, dry rot is a fungus which attaches itself to wooden products and thrives within moist conditions such is its determination to effect wooden products. Unfortunately there are many forms of dry-rot, but they all have the same outcome.

If it’s not treated as soon as possible, dry rot – as with other forms of damp related problems – can quickly spread and cause severe structural damage to properties, as we here at Injecta are all too aware off. Fortunately, to help homeowners combat the fungi, we’ve produced a guide on how to detect dry rot before it spreads.

How to Detect Dry Rot:

Whether you have beautiful oak wooden doors or timber ceiling beams the first sign of dry rot will always be an off-white, cotton-wool like substance – however, this is the very first stage of dry rot and because the fungi spreads quickly, there are other signs you should look out for, including:

If you’ve noticed any of these signs on any of your wooden furniture or features, then contact us here at Injecta. Our team of experienced and professional technicians will be able to provide you with an unbeatable level of dry rot Melton Mowbray treatment to ensure any potential damage is stopped in its tracks.