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Tips to Guard Wood Against Dry Rot

Throughout your home, it’s likely that there will be a number of wooden products; from window frames and doors, through to skirting boards and furniture. When it’s first installed or purchased, there’s no denying that it’ll look sleek, elegant and beautiful. However, over time especially if it comes into contact with moisture and it isn’t well protected, it can become liable to dry rot Hinckley as we here at Injecta are all too aware about.

What is Dry Rot?

Dry rot is the weakening of wood as the result of a fungal infection, which in turn, turns the wood dry. However, it doesn’t occur overnight and there are various signs which indicate your wood is suffering, including darkening in colour and a musty/damp odour around the wood.

Fortunately, it is possible to prevent your wooden products from becoming a victim of dry rot.

Prevention Tip Number 1: Reduce/Eliminate Excess Water:

Within the property this shouldn’t be a problem, as excess water is likely to be caused as a result of condensation or a leaking pipe; which can be easily solved through simple home DIY. For wood outside, it can be more difficult – but this doesn’t mean you cannot prevent dry rot.

Prevention Tip Number 2: Seal the Wood:

Although a time consuming job which involves cleaning the wood surface thoroughly, before preparing it to be sealed; it is a worthwhile job as it’ll help minimise the chances of dry rot, which can in turn lead to structural damage.

Prevention Tip Number 3: Use Treated Wood

If you’re planning on laying decking or using wood outside and you don’t feel you’ll have the time for the above prevention tip, then it is possible to use treated timber, which your local timber merchants will be able to provide you with.

Prevention Tip Number 4: Regular Maintenance:

Even if you follow the above prevention tips, this one is still a must. Regular maintenance of your wood will give you the chance to catch dry rot at the first available opportunity and act upon it to prevent any further damage occurring.

Failure to prepare or guard against dry rot Hinckley can cause significant problems to the wood itself and also any structure it is part of. However, in the case that you are suffering from dry rot, here at Injecta our experienced and professional team will be able to provide a level of effective treatment. For more information, contact us via 0116 266 2701 or our online enquiry form.

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